We have been developing and manufacturing springs for a wide variety of technical requirements. These include the industries of “rail transport”, “building and vibration isolation”, “automotive”, “agriculture”, “mechanical engineering and plant construction” and “oil and gas”. 

Springs made from 15 mm to 80 mm bar are coiled in our ISO certified Jaipur, India plant, in bar lengths up to 12 meters, all surface peeled in-house. Finished spring testing equipment handling up to 40 tonnes static load capacity and 5 tonnes load at 4 cycles per second dynamic capacity are fully certified.

ABOK Spring follows excellent process control, which assures consistency of dimensional, metallurgical and functional properties in final products

Quality Spring Solutions

Standard Dimensions – Coil Springs

Bar Diameter [mm]15 – 80
Spring Height [mm]150 – 1029
Spring OD [mm]64 – 587
L (developed length) [mm]1000 – 1200


Standard Dimensions – Leaf Springs

h [mm]5 – 75
b [mm]40 – 150
Stretched Leaf Length[mm]up to 500
H [mm]15 – 100

All our products are  ‘hot formed’ by an extremely controlled process. The hot-formed springs are further treated and processed in-house to achieve the optimal strength and toughness of the material. 

To ensure high operational stability and durability of the shape our springs are finished using automatic end grinders, shot-peening, scragging, load testing, painting or powder coating to enhance the quality of the finished product and meet coil spring specifications. 

We work with clients to define spring geometry and characteristics, including diameter and the number of coils as well as all of the parameters significant for static or dynamic use. Moreover, we offer hot-formed springs with various spring ends and characteristics. 

Are you looking for a special spring solution? Just ask!